10 Ways to Make Your Tan Last Longer

You're back from vacation, and your good looks can quickly turn into a grayish complexion if some precautions are not taken. Here are ten good habits to adopt to make your tan last longer than your vacation.

1. Avoid exfoliating

If you are used to body scrubs and/or face scrubs 1 to 2 times a week, slow down the pace to avoid erasing the cells on the surface and thus making the tan disappear. Gentle scrubs are preferable to more abrasive scrubs.

2. Forget the razor for hair removal

The razor cuts the hair but it also carries with it the superficial layers of the tanned skin. This may give an uneven result with tanned and untanned areas. It is better to use an electric epilator which only affects the hair and not the skin.

3. Opt for a self-tanning cream

Self-tanners are often used before tanning, especially to avoid getting pale on the beach or to look good in the spring. Used on tanned skin, they can also sublimate and extend for weeks.

4. Take a beta-carotene cure

Beta-carotene is a natural pigment found in fruits and vegetables that gives them their yellow-orange color. It is also what gives the skin a slightly golden tan. To put on the menu so to preserve a tan: carrots, tomato, pepper, pumpkin and other fruits and orange vegetables.

5. Moisturize your skin

Hydrating the skin helps maintain the hydrolipidic film of the skin and delay the peeling of tanned cells, which helps to keep the tan longer. A cream filled with moisturizing active ingredients will be chosen according to its nature of skin (dry, mixed, sensitive, etc.).

6. Hydrate

Applying a moisturizing cream to your skin and to preserve your tan longer is necessary but not enough: hydration must also come from within. By drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day, the tanned cells will be properly fed and will flake less quickly.

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7. Adopt a night care routine

It is during the night that the cells of the skin regenerate, it is necessary to take advantage of this to provide all the active ingredients the skin needs to obtain fresh and luminous skin on waking and not a gray complexion; a consequence of tanning that disappears…

8. Continue enjoing the sun

It's not because the holidays are over that the sun is definitely gone. Certainly, solar appearances are more rare but we should not hesitate in these cases to avoid sun exposure, whilst always protecting the skin because even if the temperatures are low, the evils of the sun are still present.

9. Continue to put sunscreen on exposed areas

A sunburn on tanned skin immediately destroys the tan and is harmful to health. A double reason to continue applying sunscreen in case of exposure to the sun, even if you're not on vacation anymore.

10. Smile

Smile does nothing to keep a tan longer, but looks good and has the advantage of lasting all year long if desired. As your tan fades, smile, your face will become bright and your face sublimated, like when you are tanned.

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