10 Essential Oils for Stress Relief

In case of occasional stress, essential oils come to our rescue. What to have a 100% natural anti-stress kit? Here is our selection of ten essential oils for stress relief.

1. The essential oil of chamomile

The essential oil of Roman chamomile is famous for its soothing virtues on the nervous system. It helps to fight against stress and to resolve tensions. Its anti-spasmodic properties make it effective in case of digestion problems, especially those related to anxiety. Diluted with a vegetable oil, it is applied on the wrists and the solar plexus.

2. Sweet orange essential oil

The sweet orange essential oil contains limonene. It has relaxing and anti-stress properties that promote sleep. It is used mainly in diffusion and cutaneous way. Be careful though because it is photosensitizing; so do not expose yourself to the sun within hours of application.

3. The essential oil of bitter orange

The bigaradier is a tree native to India and established on the Mediterranean coasts. The essential oil of its fruit – the bitter oranage comes from a steam distillation of the leaves of this tree. The synergy of the molecules contained in the oil of bitter orange favors the vasodilatation by increasing the diameter of the blood vessels, which contributes to the nervous appeasement. Whether it is applied cutaneously or diffused in the ambient air, it provides access to serenity.

4. The essential oil of marjoram

The essential oil of marjoram is a regulator of the central nervous system (combination of active principles of opposite action, sympatholytic esters and linalool on the one hand, sympathicotonic terpenes on the other hand). It has anxiolytic properties by lowering the level of anxiety and calming transient depression. It is used in dry inhalation or dermal, diluted in a vegetable oil.

5. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is an "all-round" oil. Renowned for its soothing virtues, it calms all disorders of nervous origin: asthma, digestive spasms, nausea, migraines, headaches. For use by the skin or by diffusion, it is also promotes sleep.

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6. Ylang ylang essential oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil is mainly used for its soothing and relaxing properties. Its captivating scent helps to pleasantly perfume while relieving the states of inner turmoil. It is also known for its aphrodisiac properties Combined with the essential oil of bitter orange or fine lavender, its anti-stress effects are increased tenfold.

7. The essential oil of peppermint

The essential oil of mint is particularly indicated in case of nervous fatigue due to a busy schedule, difficult decision-making, personal concerns, etc. It allows to give a boost and to have clearer ideas. It is used topically with 2 to 3 drops on the neck by massaging with the fingertips to penetrate well.

8. The essential oil of rosewood

The essential oil of rosewood helps fight against insomnia and against ruminations with linalool it contains and has anti-anxiety and anti-convulsive properties. In-vivo studies have shown that it reduces sleep time and prolongs sleep time.

9. The essential oil of tropical basil

The essential oil of tropical basil has anti-stress virtues: it calms in particular the big rages, soothes the tensions and makes it possible to make peace with oneself and/or the others. It is used cutaneously inside the wrists or belly massage (in case of digestive pain related to stress), diluted in a vegetable oil.

10. The essential oil of cedar wood

The essential oil of cedar wood is known for its tonic, soothing and lipolytic properties (fat removal). It fights mental stress and psychological fatigue. It is used in dermal application on the spine, the solar plexus and under the feet diluted to 20% in a vegetable oil.

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