13 Foods That Aid The Fight Against Cancer

There is no doubt cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases, and because of it, thousands of people lose their lives every year. Though the treatment of cancer is very complex, there are some cancer fighting foods that can reduce its risk, and combat cancerous cells.

In this article, you’ll learn about the food items that aid the fight against cancer and boost your energy level. So if this sounds compelling, then keep reading to discover everyday foods that can potentially extend your life and protect you from this hideous disease.


Grapes are one of the best foods items that help in curing cancer and reducing its symptoms. Grapes skin contains a plant chemical known as resveratrol, which is a great antioxidant and exhibits amazing anti-inflammatory properties. According to some studies done by the American Institute for Cancer Research, it is proven that the intake of grapes can stop the growth of cancer cells and inhibit tumors. They also found grapes are very effective in treating stomach, breast, and liver cancer.


Raspberries are also a great food item that can cure cancer and prevent it from developing more. They contain different antioxidants, which may keep the cells of your body from any cancer damage. Lisa Young (PH.D. R.D) says consuming berries daily can help in boosting the immune system. Along with the antioxidants, gogi berries are also very rich in vitamin C and fiber and can be used in treating bladder and esophageal cancer. You can choose from different berries such as blackberries, strawberries according to your taste.


Squash is very effective in boosting immunity as they are very rich in both beta-carotene and vitamin C. And according to different studies and research, regular consumption of beta carotene with carotenoids can reduce the risk of cancer.

Red Wine

Red wine contains resveratrol that has anti-cancer ingredients and is very beneficial for heart health. Though it can be toxic to the liver and can harm the body in other ways, if used in moderation, it is believed that red wine can reduce the growth of cancer cells and promote the development of new healthy cells. With the advancement in the medical industry, many cancer specialists recommend a glass of wine every day to prevent cancer and make the circulatory system healthier. If you are not comfortable with consuming the red wine, then you can have it with a leafy salad or an Italian pasta meal.

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Just like the wine, whiskey also contains ellagic acid that helps in absorbing the body’s rogue cells. Along with the ellagic acid, whiskey is also filled with antioxidants, which can reduce cancer cell growth and its symptoms.


As per the research made by the American Institute for Cancer Research, it was found that all the varieties of nuts contain anti-cancer properties, but walnuts are more superior to other nuts. Pedunculagin is a chemical substance found in walnuts. When a person consumes Pedunculagin, then the body automatically metabolizes the Pedunculagin into urolithins, which is a compound that ties up to the estrogen receptors and may help in preventing and reducing breast cancer.


Cranberries contain many cancer-fighting agents such as ursolic acid and epicatechins. These agents can reduce the development of cancer growth cells and inflammation. Some studies also suggest that cranberries can affect the cancer growth mechanism and prevent them from spreading in other parts of the body.


According to different studies, people who eat more garlic are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Garlic has allicin, which is known for its cancer-killing properties. It can also reduce the effects of stomach, colorectal and stomach cancers.


Though apple is an all-round remedy for many health issues, it is also very beneficial for stabilizing and preventing cancer. Apples contain a plant-based compound, known as Polyphenols that have amazing anti-cancer properties. Many cancer specialists tells that Polyphenols can prevent many cardiovascular infections and diseases and reduce inflammation. In 2018, Journal of Food and Drug Analysis done a study in which they found out that Polyphenols phloretin hinders the development of breast cancer cells, while not harming the normal cells.


Pecans are also considered an effective food choice to fight cancer. It has anti-proliferative properties of ellagic acid and it also contains oleic acid, which is very beneficial in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

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An antioxidant known as lignans is present in flaxseeds that helps in reducing inflammation. It’s also believed that lignans can boost the immunity power of the body by managing the omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds are also very high in fiber and some studies have shown that they can help in decreasing the growth of lung and skin cancer. Along with this, flaxseeds also kills the existing cancer cells in the body and reduce its symptoms. The best way to consume flaxseeds is by adding one tablespoon of it into yogurt. You can also mix it with your smoothies and protein shakes.


Guava leaf extract has anti-cancer effects and it can inhibit cancer cell growth and development. Guava contains powerful anti-oxidants and in some test-tube study, it was shown that guava leaf oil is four times more effective in treating cancer as compared to some cancer treating chemical drugs.


Grapefruit is very rich Vitamin C, E, and A. This vitamin trio helps in boosting the immune system. It also contains antioxidants that fight the free radicals and protect the body from the damage caused by them. The best thing about grapefruit is that they are very tasty and you will also feel refreshed after consuming it.

In conclusion, these are some of the best foods that help in fighting cancer and reduce its symptoms. According to different studies, people who consume these foods frequently have less chance of getting cancer. This is the reason why most health professionals recommend the inclusion of these food items in your diet. Hopefully, this article will clear some of your queries and give you a better insight on living a healthier lifestyle.

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